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    FileMaker Pro 5 Help


      I just started working with a company as their IT resource. They use FileMaker Pro 5. Before I started - they copied their 5 databases used for 2011 (invoice, etc) and customized the fp5 files for 2012. I have been able to load and open the files into the HOST but none of the scripts associated with 2011 forms are available in 2012? Does anyone know how to import the scripts? Can you "export" the scripts from the older fp5 files and import them into the 2012?

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          How did they copy the 2011 files? Did they use the Save A Copy As.. dialogue? If they did, then scripts are

          automatically copied as part of the cloning process (cloning can create a copy of the file with all its data records, or simply as a copy with no records; either way, scripts should be preserved).

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            If they happened to EXPORT as FileMaker, then scripts and layouts would be lost.




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              Sorry for the questions - but to do the process correctly....


              If I open the "invoice 2011.fp5" file under host should they then save a copy as inside the host view?  

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                I would tend to take the server DOWN (close files and stop server) and then open with whatever the 'developer/advanced' was for 5. Use the tools to "rename" the files and save them to a different location. That way all the internal links (to each other) would be valid. This is for FileMaker 5, so my memory is fuzzy. The earliest set of documents I have is for FileMaker 6. I believe the process is the same for FileMaker 5.


                Beverly Voth

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                  From the user guide for Pro 5 the steps indicate we can import scripts by doing the following;


                  To import a script

                  1. Open the file into which the script will be imported.

                  2. Choose Scripts menu > ScriptMaker.

                  3. Click the Import button.

                  4. Open the file that contains the script(s) you want to import.

                  5. In the Import Scripts dialog box, place a check mark next to the

                  script(s) you want to import.

                  6. Click OK, then click OK again.


                  Just not sure if this is done by opening the files directly from FileMaker Pro 5 and opening the files from c:\filemaker\filemaker server or should I open the files under HOSTS?

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                    Any suggestions to my last question about where to open the fp5 files from?

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                      tschwent - if the files are hosted you will want to open them via the Hosts option for script imports. If the files are not  hosted on a workstation or server, you would want to navigate to them directly, because they won't be available through the Hosts option.


                      Trying to open hosted files creates a risk of corrupting them - don't do it.