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Trying to store jpgs in container, and want to print some from specific date range

Question asked by fizzixgal on Jan 12, 2012
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Hello all,


I'm pretty new to Filemaker (well, not new, but in no way an expert!), and am trying to set up a simplistic database. To me, this seems like it should be easy.

I want to store all of our scanned, weekly temperature logs in a container field, and when I search by date range, have an easy way to print out those container fields that are within a specific found date range. When I click on "export" to export the found records, it won't let me export the ones in a specific date range. It gives the error "Container fields cannot be exported".


What am I doing wrong? Any ideas? I can double click on the jpg that I have embedded in there and it opens without problem, but I am looking for a faster solution to print files within a date range.