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    Vertical Tab alignment


      I didn't see anywhere specific to add a suggestion or "realy like to have" posting for FileMaker, so here goes:


      I would LOVE the ability to alter the tab alignment for tab controls. For example: to have the tabs align like a notebook on either side of the element, or heck even beneath the element.


      A cool extension of this would be the ability to have say, a group of tabs for each tab. Each tab along the top of the element could have its own set of tabs aligned along the vertical edge(s) o the tab control element. This could add a TON of usable space to a layout by taking more advantage of the z-axis (stacked layouts).

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          This has been "simulated" by many FM Developers. You create "buttons" as vertical "tabs" and have them call the real tab (by object-so-named). You can hide the horizontal tabs.


          Beverly Voth

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            Yes, thank you!  While I can imagine a few ways to simulate what I describe (like nested buttons along the inside wall of each tab), it's one of those things that would be a time-saver and doesn't seem too difficult to build in, and it would also remove quite a few required scripts that would be necessary.  Also, I can imagine layouts would be "neater" if it were a supported feature.

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              How many scripts? you can send parameter(s) to one script that would allow you to navigate all the "tabs" in a tab panel.


              Send a feature request to FMI for vertical tab panels.



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                Stephen Huston

                To add to Beverly's comments:


                In addition to passing a variable via each button to the common script, you can have the script set a global $$variable value based on the parameter value passed from the activated button.


                You can then use conditional formatting on the buttons' text to indicate the active button/tab based on the content of the global $$variable.



                Sample above is a pseudo-tab system with the active button text double underlined, and the other available tabs formatted web-style to appear as active links.


                You need to set the real tabs to Justify RIGHT with a fixed width of ZERO pixels to make them disappear and not be activated by unintended clicks.


                Stephen Huston

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                  Beverly Voth wrote:

                  How many scripts?


                  Hi Beverly,


                  I realize that your question was rhetorical, but the answer is actually none.


                  The Go To Object[ ] command can in fact be attached directly to the individual buttons, so just to replicate tab button functionality, no scripts are actually required. If you want to add other functionality (or you may in the future) then a single script that branches would be a reasonable choice, but it's only actually necessary if you're going beyond the requirement to simply switch tabs the way regular tab buttons do.


                  That said, I do agree with vadev's underlying point that some additional orientation options for tab controls (and, dare I say, portals) would be a welcome addition to the feature set. Maybe in a future version...


                  To which end, a visit to the following link may be in order:







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                    Absolutely! To perform more than Go To Object[], at least one script. To only Go To Object[], no scripts, just the step on the buttons. If you *really* want: separate scripts.


                    My suggestion was for one script. I also perform access testing, set globals and do other things when going to a tab. One script, passing the object name and branch within (shades of MVC!)


                    I have some vertical tabs, but mostly use this with horizontal tabs (yes, theres a trick to buttons on a tab panel - discussed elsewhere in the forum).


                    I'd like a vertical tab panel too. Everyone flood the suggestion box!!


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                    Beverly Voth