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    Why email script to send a pdf doesn't  work in FM Go?


      Im sorry im a new user of filemaker. I have a question..


      I use Mac os Lion with Fm 11 pro adv.


      I made a button activated script to save as a pdf a format, and to send it by email to a particular email address.


      -It works perfectly on my mac using FM Pro 11, and the recipients receive the pdf file as an attachement.


      -It doesn't works on file maker Go on my iPad2 (as a Client), using my Mac as a Host. In particular, the recipients receive the email without the pdf file attached!!

      WHY ???

      somebody can give me an help?




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          Save to PDF and attach works with FM Go version 1.1 and later. Do you have the most current version?



          My basic script (which works on both desktop and FM Go version of FM) to attach a PDF to an email is as follows:


          Set Variable [ $file; Value:"Invoice #" & Invoices::invoice# & ".pdf" ]

          Set Variable [ $filePath; Value:Get(DocumentsPath) & $file ]

          Save Records as PDF [ File Name: “$filepath”; Records being browsed ]

          Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client; To: Customers::email;  Subject: " Invoice #" & Invoices::invoice# & " Date: " & Invoices::dateInvoice; Attachment: “$filepath” ]



          I found for Go you needed to determine the DocumentsPath to find where the pdf attachment would be stored on the Go device. $file variable names the file; $filepath determines the standard documentspath and appends the file name.





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            If you make a screendump or better print to pdf of the script ad add it here, it will be very easy to help. The advises you get are probably correct, but may not address your specific problem.