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Portal - How to turn off delete?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Jan 12, 2012
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If a user is in a portal row and clicks the delete button on the key board, I'm getting the message "Permenantly delete this one related record". How do I set this up so that the message doesn't show and the user can't delete the record?


The portal is set up with the "Allow deletion of Portal records" check box cleared. So I thought they wouldn't be able to delete the records. This came up because a user hit the delete button by accident and then clicked the ok button. deleting a record that should not have been deleted and of course causing all of the related issues..


In this case there is only 1 field displayed in the portal row and it is actually set up as a button that takes the users selection and sets a number of options. Deleting the source of the selection is not a good thing.



Bruce Herbach