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      Thank you for your responses and now i have another question...

      I want to set up FM Pro 11.2 Adv on a server in my doctors office. I loaded FileMaker Server and then on each of his three computers I installed FM Pro 11.2 (different ser. #s) clicked on share file and did all the steps as per instructions and guess what it doesn't work.

      What we want to do is to enable the doctor to click on a patients record (stored in his pc) open it and write notes while at the same time his nurse wants to enter the lab test results on a different page but the same patient and here is where it breaks down, It won't allow him to do that. Only one person can access the file at a time. I was told by someone at FM that it can be done and then i spoke to several upper knowledgable techs that say that FM has problems doing what I ask.


      If it can be done i need someone to prove it to me and show me how it is done . We are in the Aventura area of S. Florida and if there is any FM tech in the area please contact me at the number or email below and we can schedule an appt and you can show me that it can be done. We haven't found anyone yet that can do it...

      Oh we are not using the runtime as told to us by several FM forum Guru's .. Thanks in advance.. Norman


      Norman 305-936-90128 or norman@sgmscorp.com

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          norman926, you are talking about TRANSMISSION. you need or explore the avenues that do this for you (another application) or a plug-in that will be able to send and receive in a method that would be HL7 compliant.


          the XML can only import from a known source (using XSLT if necessary) and typically cannot be done over a secure session unless you use a web-published FM database and go that route.


          Research your secure transmission methods first. The rest is just scripting.



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            Bev I don;'t need a secure session, there are parsers on open EMRs that could be used to parse the messages but from that point i am lost how can i create a script to send the data to the program areas?? (fields) that is my problem.. N

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              In what format is the data once the parsers open the EMRs? Is is XML, is it CSV (comma-separated-values), is it in TAB (tab-delimited), is it fixed-width, ???



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                Send me a PM if you need more help - I work with FM and bi-directional HL7 interfaces all day.

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                  great to finally find someone who knows what i am talking about   call me 305-936-9018 please

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                    Hopefully you received my email Please contact me when you can as I think you are the answer to my prayers.  If so there can be quite a windfall for you if you are interested in it but we can talk if you want to. my number is 305-936-9018 after 1pm tomorrow and all day sunday and monday... any time you wish. ok..

                    thanks again.. Norman

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                      Bev sorry for the long delay but I have my 96 yr old mom at home with me and she has Alzheimer's disease and has been in and out of the hospital 5 times in the past 9 weeks.

                      to answer your question I wrote a good medical history database program and in order to be certified for hospital and doctor office use so they can get their $40-60,000 rebate from Medicare i must be able to send and receive HL7


                      the data is basic text and can be done in any form once it is parsed.  From what i know of HL7 once it is parsed i can then upload it to the fields that they belong in, but i do  have to send it in the HL7 format correct?

                      my basic question is this, (if you know the answer) can you set up a parser on my program (which is 100% contained on the usb chip and not on line)so i can download the HL7 message to the chip, have it parsed and then placed (via script) into the propper field? or do i have to parse it on line then send it to the program?  See my delima?? 

                      i am reachable by phone but not fr the next 2 days as I am going for a short stay surgery tomorrow at 6am and should be home by 1pm but in bed for the rest of the day.  from thursday on i am available ok? thanks so very much.  Norman

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                        Bev what if i send  you a copy of my program for you to "Play" with would that help. please rsvp to norman@sgmscorp.com rather than here ok thanks