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Two-Machine Deployment and Backup Machines

Question asked by dchretien on Jan 12, 2012
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We have FileMaker Server ( installed as a two-machine deployment, as the standard option (WPE on the Web Server as the Worker machine and the Database Server no the Master machine.) Both are running on Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2). Everything is working fine.


We've configured a second machine as a duplicate of the Master machine. Everything is the same (same IP address, same versions of the OS and FileMaker Server).


If we shut down the first machine and replace it wtih the second, when we start the system up, web publishing fails. The Master machine cannot find the Worker machine. If we try to redeploy, when we enter either the DNS name or the IP address of the web server, the Master Machine will not find it.


If we uninstall FileMaker Server on the Worker machine, which requires a restart, and reinstall it, then once that is complete, the Master machine will find it and connect everything so that web publishing works again. (Just doing a restart of the Worker machine is not sufficient. Nor is reinstalling over the existing installation.)


If we shut down the replacement Master machine and return to the original, we must go through the uninstall and reinstall process on the Worker machine before we can bring web publishing up again. (Same process)


The whole idea was to have a database machine ready to go if the first failed. Swap them out and be back in business in minutes. (There was a white paper suggesting this as an option, at one point, if I recall correctly...)


Does anybody have any idea of why the connection would break if the two machines have the same IP addresses and DNS names? There must be something else happening in the background during deployment that is very machine-hardware-specific.


Has anybody encountered this before, or does anyone have any suggestions?


--Dennis Chretien