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New database for 2012

Question asked by tschwent on Jan 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2012 by PSI

I just started working for a new client who uses FileMaker Pro 5. We need to create new copies of work orders and invoices for 2012. I have done the following:


  1. Open FileMaker Pro
  2. Open 2011 Invoice.fp5 from a back up copy
  3. Save a copy as 2012 Invoice.fp5
  4. Opened 2012 Invoice.fp5 and see that all scripts and data copied


I need to format the copy and change color and header to reflect 2012


Can I copy these down to a PC - edit the format then delete records so 2012 Invoices.fp5 is empty.

Do the same for other 2012 fp5 files?


Once done - copy back to server and open under HOST?