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Database on Network Drive - Advice Requested

Question asked by twalstead on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2012 by Vaughan

I have a database that is accessed by four users and requires backing up, so I've put the file on a shared server volume. Because we aren't all here at the same time, having the file on my hard drive and serving as Host and then having them opening it using Open Remote isn't an option. Also, the database references files stored on several different network volumes. We do not have FileMaker Server, but I'm wondering if we need to get it. When one of my limited access users opens the file and then I open it as a Full Access administrator, I am unable to create new records, delete records, access Layout Mode or Value Lists. Even my limited access users can create new records!


Is this problem due to the file's being opened from a shared network drive or could it be something else? I've never seen this problem before.