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    Export Privilege Set...


      New to working with FileMaker and wanted to know if it was possible to export the modified privilege set I have created on one file so I can import it onto another file?


      I.E. I have three files that are going to have the same admin, also all three will have guest accounts with a modified privilege set. The set is the same across all three files, but I don't see the reason to have to create it three times. What if I had to create it 300 times? Is there a plugin or script to export this I have not been able to find?

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          No way to copy the privilege set between files.


          Look into external authentication to manage accounts between multipe files.

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            naustghoul wrote:

            ...The set is the same across all three files, but I don't see the reason to have to create it three times...


            Hi naustghoul,


            Vaughan has given you the bad news already, and I'm afraid he's right - there's no provision for privilege sets to be copied and pasted or imported.


            The reason is, essentially, that except in the case of very simple and generic privilege sets (such as those which are present in every file by default) privilege sets are highly specific to the tables, fields, layouts, value lists and scripts residing within the file - almost every privilege data bit is tied to a specific element in the file, determining the level of access that will be accorded to that file element. So anything beyond the most simple and generic privilege set would therefore not map from one file to any other unless all the elements in both files were identical - in which case there would be no need to replicate the privilege set as you could simply copy the file.


            Sorry the news is not what you were hoping to hear.





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              Thanks to you both for this... Yes it might be what I wante to hear, but the truth is better than nothing at all. And this means I can do what vbromfield suggests and just look for outside authentication on files.