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Create layout for FIND, enter in data, massage data and lookup INDEX of a different table.

Question asked by user12884 on Jan 13, 2012
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1. Large number of complex records

2. A very long coded string takes much too long in a unique record search.



1. Create a Layout to have the user enter in a Coded TEXT String and press a scripted button for find the record they are seaching for.

2. The Coded String is long and contains the Record Index (Key/number) of another table within the string.

3. Massage the Coded String to strip out the other table's Record Index Key (I have already setup the strip method to derive the desired record index key)

4. Use the stripped out Record Index Key to perform a find for that record in another table and display the record in a preview form. (once I have found the record and constrained the set - I have all of the preview form portion completed)


Note: Trying to keep the user isolated form the record table.



1. How do I create a field in a form layout that will contain a variable?

2. After massaging the Input variable into a 2nd Key Index variable...How do I assign the variable within a script to find the record index key in the other table?


I think I am just too close to this one.