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    Plug ins or/ou Script - sur/on FileMakerServer or Mac program




      Je recherche un compteur qui peut faire la mise à jour hebdomadaire de fichier FileMaker


      Mon client demande que sa base de données sont calculées le samedi soir alors que personne n'est opérationel

      Bref, il désire que le programme démarre automatiquement tous les samedis pour optimiser les entrées de la semaine


      Est ce sur serveur ou sur un poste informatique?



      Good day


      I search a timer who should update weekly some FileMaker File


      My client ask me about a program starter automaticly every saturday night


      The program or plug-in must be on server or on computer. I have no idea


      If you have an idea, I appreciate

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          Bonjour Caroll,

          A little more information would be helpful. Is this a single Filemaker file, a file hosted by FMServer? What version? how many files? does it run 24/7 ?


          FMServer has a good way of scheduling backups.

          Stand-alone FMPro can make a backup copy via scripts, but using the OnTimer Script to run for a week is not very reliable.


          you can make an iCal workflow event in Automator to move (or create) a backup file to a destination folder. Set the iCal event to run every day.


          If it is a single FMP file, make sure the file is closed before you make the backup.


          There are other options, but you would need to provide more information.







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