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Too many fonts

Question asked by ksinger on Jan 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by ksinger

I am using FMP 10 Advanced with Snow Leopard. I want to limit the number of fonts that show up in my fonts menu when working in layout. I currently have 250 fonts in my Fonts folder in the Library that show up in Fontbook, and an additional 124 moved to a folder labeled "unwanted fonts" that don't show up in either Filemaker or Fontbook. I have 69 fonts turned "on" but over 300 show up in the Filemaker menu (it splits out some bold, italic, etc as separate listings). Can I reduce the number of fonts that show up within Filemaker, using Fontbook or a third party app or within the Library?


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.