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FMPAdv11: Looking 4: GAAP Std Dbl-Entry Acct'g ERP App...

Question asked by Bill_Harper on Jan 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2012 by timcimbura

Hi all,


First, as a FM newbie, please forgive me if this inquiry is not posted in the correct location. After scanning the various forum categories, this seemed like the right place to start. If not, just let me know & it will get moved.


Second, the time has come to find a robust RDBMS to replace our old legacy DataEase and SalesLogix databases that have been in use these past 25+ years. The DataEase apps were developed by Simplified while the SalesLogix CRM only was modified slightly from its original out-of-the-box design back in 2002.


Before embarking on the huge project of designing a FMPAdv11 GAAP Standard Double-Entry Accounting ERP from scratch, I was wondering if any of you possibly know of any FMP app that might already exist so I can determine whether or not its features, functions, etc. would meet our business needs. Seeing a demo would be quite helpful as well.


Currently, Windows XP Pro SP3 is being used. Once the replacement ERP app is deployed, we will be upgrading to Windows 7 32bit.


In advance, thanks so much as it is hoped there might be several existing FM apps "out there" to review and consider.