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FileMaker crashes with large text fields

Question asked by fmchris on Jan 16, 2012
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I have two databases that I use for writing, and both contain a massive text field that extends for many pages, in which I enter text and use as a word processor. Both databases have crashed (on occasion) under very specific conditions : if all (or most?) of the text in the field is selected, then the backspace key is pressed to delete it (or also if a different key is pressed to start overtyping?). (This may be even more specific than I've said - I just used Command-A to Select All, then backspace to delete, without a problem. I believe the crashes occurred when I triple-clicked to select the first paragraph, then dragged down through the remaining paragraphs to select them.)


I had similar problems on occasion running FMP6 on a G5 iMac in 10.5, and FMP10. Today I had it for the first time on my Core i5 running FMP10. FM told me to Recover my database which I did, though it couldn't find any problems. The Recovered database then crashed, but I was able to reopen it. I'm now avoiding selecting more than a single paragraph of text. I also have a script invoked on a keystroke to Flush Cache to Disk which I use often to save my work in case this happens again.


Please note : it didn't matter how much text was present before selection, only that there was more than one paragraph.


There haven't been any other problems with either of those two databases, and none with my other databases.



Edit :


Earlier, I forgot my resolution to use Select All just after I had pasted a chunk of text into a text field. Instead, I dragged through the whole lot to make the font size smaller. The database crashed! So I reopened it, re-pasted, used Select All, and all was well.


So I'd venture to say that it's definitely to do with Selecting a passage of text by click-and-drag. FMP doesn't seem to like this. I'm sure others MUST have noticed this before? Unless I'm the only person who uses FMP as a word processor and uses click-and-drag to select??


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