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Problem with Filemaker Pro database crashing

Question asked by juliagalvin on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2012 by juliagalvin

Hi, I'm new to this forum - it was recommended that I ask you guys if anyone can suggest new lines of enquiry for me.


I am using a specialist bookselling database called 'Bookseller'. I started with a version that ran on an older version of Filemaker, then got the network version of that,(for 2 pc's) then moved on to a beta version that runs on Filemaker Pro 11. It seemed to be running fine, although it was overly slow with a wireless network and we had to wire the PC's to the router.


The new database does some things that the old one doesn't. It makes thumbnails of stock images, for example. But it was working to begin with, and it works for other people (we are told).


At the end of December there seemed to be a few crashes. By the beginning of January the program was crashing regularly on both the host and the guest PC. It is about 16 times a day on the host. We get the blue circle going round but nothing happens and we have to close and reopen, losing the last data entered each time.


There were Windows updates around the new year so I restored the PC's to 29th December and 27th December. Nothing changed.


Both PC's have Windows Home Premium but the host is 64-bit and the guest is 32-bit.


We have Kodak Hero 7.1 printer. Apparently they run a lot of things that might interfere with other programs. But we uninstalled it and nothing changed. We also got someone to run both PC's with all the startup programs turned off. We removed the Avira antivirus and replaced it with Windows Security Essentials. The network stopped working and we had someone run XP TCPIP to clean it up, which allowed it to work again. It may or may not be related to the problem because if only the host is running, the program still crashes. We switched the host function from one PC to the other in case it was a problem with the host PC, but the problems are continuing.


The developer says he has not encountered this problem with other customers, so the question arises, what are we doing that is different? I don't know, but I'm hoping for ideas!


Best wishes,