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Date transpose problem using the XML(Parser) script to pass data from one database to another...

Question asked by Marc_Hussey on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2012 by BruceRobertson

Hi all,


I have a problem where I'm running a script to pass a date from one database to another...


Script in database 1,

Perform Script['"Script 2" from file: "database2"; Parameter: NewXMLNode("job_numer";Jobs::Job_ID)

& NewXMLNode ( "start_date" ; Jobs::s_JobStart )

& NewXMLNode ( "end_date" ; Jobs::s_JobEnd )


Script in database 2

Set Variable [$job; Value:XMLParser(Get(ScriptParameter);"job_number"]

Set Variable [$start_date; Value:XMLParser(Get(ScriptParameter);"start_date"]

Set Variable [$end_date; Value:XMLParser(Get(ScriptParameter);"end_date"]

Go to Layout["1"]

New Record/Request

Set Field[Jobs::JobNo'; $job]

Set Field[Jobs::JobStart'; $start_date]

Set Field[Jobs::JobNo'; $end_date]


The problem is the date trasposes, in database 1 it reads 01/09/2011 in database 2 it reads 09/01/2011.


Would appreciate any help on this one??