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    Plugin Management


      Hello folks!

      During development I can have more than 30 plugins installed. Is there an esasier way to manage plugins before loading (such as the old "spacebar" on System 6 on the Mac ~ yes, I'm not as young as you might think





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          Hi Diego,


          At a time when I used to use quite a few plugins for development (though never as many as 30, I have to say...), I used a simple runtime utility to manage them. It was fairly utilitarian and was somerthing that took only an hour or two to put together. I vaguely recall I had some ideas of publishing something based on it at the time, but other things were always more pressing.


          The utility tracked various versions of various plugins in group of utility folders, provided a list on which I could check off which ones should be installed (it made sure that only one version of each plugin was selected and also avoided known conflicts by not letting you select a plugin that conflicted with another that was already selected...). It would then export the ones that were checked, delete any others and then launch the selected version of FileMaker Pro (actually, FileMaker Developer, as it was then - I'm not as young as you might think either ).


          As I recall, it used a file management plugin in the runtime extensions folder to retrieve file names and do the moving and deleting etc, but these days I would be inclined to use container fields to store the files and manage the export and deletion process natively. Same general principle, though.





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