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Portal View of a Person-to-Person Join Table While Filtering Out the Parent Record

Question asked by richardsrussell on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by RayCologon

I've got a table called "Beings" that includes both people and organizations, each with a unique sequence number called "BeSeq".


I've got another table called "BBLinx" that contains 4 fields of significance:

• BBLSeq, the unique sequence number for each "BBLinx" record

• BeSeq A, the code that matches Being A in "Beings"

• BeSeq B, the code that matches Being B in "Beings"

• relationship


Thus, to show that Lynn Lewis (BeSeq 1234) is the choir director at 1st Baptist Church (BeSeq 1235), there would be a record in "BBLinx" (let's say BBLSeq 101) containing the values 1234, 1235, and "choir director", respectively. Similarly, to show that Lynn is married to Kim Smith (BeSeq 1236), I'd have a "BBLinx" record (BBLSeq 102) containing the values 1236, 1234, and "spouse", respectively.


Notice that BBLSeq 102 has Lynn under BeSeq B, whereas BBLSeq 101 had Lynn under BeSeq A. This is a consequence of the way "BBLinx" records are created, since the "Beings" record from which I begin always goes into BeSeq A, while the one I'm clicking on in the picker portal always goes into BeSeq B. Nonetheless, it's possible for Lynn's "Beings" record to have a portal showing ALL the records in "BBLinx" to which Lynn is connected, whether via BeSeq A or BeSeq B.


My current frustration is that the only way I've been able to display this portal within Lynn's "Beings" record is to show ALL the data it's linked to:

• 101, showing Lynn, the church, and "choir director"

• 102, showing Kim, Lynn, and "spouse"


Well, I don't really NEED to see the info for Lynn in the portal, since I'm looking straight at much more detail in the "Beings" record itself. All I really need to see are:

• 101, church and "choir director"

• 102, Kim and "spouse"


Similarly, from Kim's record, what I want to be able to see in the portal is:

• 102, Lynn and "spouse"


In short, I want to be able to filter out the redundant parent-record data from the child portal. But I'm danged if I can figure out how to do it. Any ideas?


For extra credit, I want to be able to sort the portal on the non-parent-record being.