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    Integrating Filemaker with oracle


      Hi thr,

      I'm integrating filemaker with oracle to store datas. My question is, I'm storing data's in oracle using filemaker pro but in failure of oracle the data's should store in filemaker database. How can i do this?

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          I do believe that this is in the wrong area. See the thread https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/67196#67196


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            Are you trying to store Binary data in Oracle from within Filemaker?  That is what the link in Beverly's reply covers.  If you are having general problems, we need a little more information.




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              My frontend is filemaker and my backend is oracle. The typing data's will be stored in oracle but in case of oracle failure i want the data's to be stored in filemaker. How can i do this?

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                If it were me I'd abandon the idea of Filemaker acting as a backup for Oracle. Oracle itself, if configured properly, is a very robust transactional database than is fully capable of being recovered right up to the point of failure.  The largest companies in the world run Oracle as their primary database and rely on its built-in disaster recovery functionality.  The down side is that configuring and maintaining Oracle is not a trival task that can be learned quickly.  You would be wise to contract with an Oracle DBA if you don't have that kind of talent in-house.

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                  When you say, "Oracle failure", do you mean, "Oracle blew up and lost all my data", or "I can't get to the Oracle database because of a network problem"? If it's the former, then DLarsen is right; there's likely no need to worry about using FileMaker to "back up" Oracle. If, on the other hand, you want to have an "offline" copy of your data in case you can't get to the Oracle database, then there are a couple of options:


                  1) You can use a script trigger to save the record you're on to a parallel table in the FileMaker database as changes are made.

                  2) You can run a script as a batch job on some frequency to import records from Oracle to FileMaker.

                  3) Do both (1) and (2).


                  Depends on the exact issue you're having and what you're trying to achieve.



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                    I agree with Dlarson and Mike.


                    Oracle is relatively easy to backup.  Use the Oracle command line tools (datapump).  I believe you can setup a backup copy of Oracle on another computer as long as it is offline, or you can even use Oracle Express which is free (as long as your under the size constraints).  It is possible to copy your data into a Filemaker DB as a backup, as long as you have basic data (no BLOBs/CLOBS) and your files are not huge.  The problem is using the same interface you've written in Filemaker to use the Oracle data vs. the Filemaker data.  It's pretty much impossible, as the shadow tables can not be easily interchanged with Filemaker native tables. 


                    So, my short summary answer would be 1.) Yes as a simple data backup, FM is OK.  2.) Your better off using the native Oracle tools (included for free). 3.) It is not trivial to design a Filemaker interface that could switch between native filemaker data and Oracle data.