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Client sees local server but not served files

Question asked by hschlossberg on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by hschlossberg

A client just got a new machine (Win 7 64-bit) and installed FM10 on there. Opening the 'Open Remote' dialog, his FM server automatically appears under local hosts. He clicks on it but no files appear on the right. The same thing works fine for him with no problems on his other client machines.


FILES ARE SERVED: I had him hand-append the file name to the end of the "network file path" and he gets a message saying the file cannot be found or does not exist. However, he is able to open his database from other machines, and I confirmed that I can also open his databases over WAN.


BONJOUR IS INSTALLED: I had him check that Bonjour got installed (it did). And if it weren't, then he wouldn't get anything under 'local hosts' anyhow.


CAN PING FMS: I ran him through doing a ping from the client machine to the FMS machine and that worked with no problem, including a special "paping" via port 5003, so it wouldn't seem to be a network issue.


SERVER.PEM file: The file is there and has a recent creation date.


REINSTALLED: FM10 has been reinstalled and machine restarted.


Have I missed anything?