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    Unzip file on server


      I asked this question in the server section but it didn't get much response so I will try here.


      I am trying to find the best solution to unzip a file so that I can process the compressed files for importing into a database solution. This is running on a Mac server (FMA 11) so I can run an applescript that could handle it either itself or through a shell script. I could also use Scriptmaster to run a shell script. Ideally I'd like to find some way to do it without going "outside" of FM. For example Scriptmaster can zip a directory but it doesn't unzip a file.


      Thanks for the help.

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          I think Steve Moore's link on 13th January was an excellent suggestion.... obviously for a Mac.


          You could probably also use use an Applescript on a Mac that simple said "open file" as the default action is to unzip.... within the Applescript script step in FM. You could probably use RemoteScripter for this.


          If you are using Windows... as I posted in the earlier thread:

          "I think it was WinZip which had controls for scheduling actions and/or folder-watching... I think I would be looking down this path."

          On a Mac you could also use Automater (also Applescript-based) to do this.


          I'd also look at Troi File...


          - Lyndsay

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            I actually used Base Elements free plugin. There is an Unzip function that

            works like a champ.





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