How do I lookup data in another table

Discussion created by danknight on Jan 17, 2012
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I'm very new to Filemaker Pro, coming from years in the Access world.

I'm attempting to build a Timesheet database.

I'm needing to lookup and then use certain values based on the user who logged in.


The table structure includes a tblUsers, which includes fields for FullName (which will be used to match against the Get(AccountName) function), FName, LName, Hours and HourlyRate.

What I'm attempting to do is, based on the LogIn (Get(AccountName)) I want to lookup the FName, LName, Hours & HourlyRate, so I can set the default for the Timesheet layout. This means the user will not have to a) repeat the process of selecting their name to create their Timesheet, b) enter their default working hours for each day, b) enter their default Hourly Rate.

I simply want them to have to:

1) LogIn

2) Select the Period Ending date

3) Make any changes to default hours

4) Add any Expense claims

5) Print the Timesheet.


I've managed to successfully use the Get(AccountName) function to return the logged in user, but how do I use that to find the appropriate record in tblUsers and then return the appropriate data from the requested field?


Thanks in advance.


Dan Knight