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    Using Send email function with IWP


      Good day everyone,


      I have a little problem that i would like to run by you awesome FMP experts in regards to send email function and IWP.


      Ok, so i know that send email function is not compatible with IWP. But right now i have it configured to use SMPT server instead of Email-client.


      Now my FMS is version 10.


      So when i use the button where my send email function is at via the desktop FMP application, it works great


      When i try to use that same button, but from the WEB using IWP, it doesnt give me any errors but it doesnt send the email either.


      Is it at all possible to make my button work while in IWP??


      I know how to work-around it, but i would love to just be able to press that button of mine and have it send that email.


      Any ideas?


      Also, please dont hesitate to ask for more info if needed

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          Hi Patpai


          I have used the Send Email script step from IWP successfully, in FM11 myself, but it has not changed as a feature since 10 AFAIK. You have to use "Send via: SMTP Server" as you have noted then you have to make sure that the server you are sending to/via is happy to let the machine running IWP relay via it. You can use authenticated SMTP if you need to. Note, the email is coming from the IWP server, not the client's machine.


          It is tricky to troubleshoot as FM does not provide any obvious feedback that I know of (though I haven't dug around in the logs - who knows what is there), but it is do-able.




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            There is an excellent plug in from 360Works that is called RemoteScripter which allows scripts to be triggered based on changed values in a field. It works really well for this kind of thing.


            Alternatively, you might set up server scheduled scripts to send email that is 'queued' by your button in IWP.


            - Lyndsay

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              ty both,


              I was wondering Michael if theres any special configuration needed on the server side to have this work successfully?

              Aside from my button with the send email in it, not wanting to fully activate from the IWP layout, i duno where to really look into to fix it so it works.


              Is there differences with FMS version10 vs 11 maybe that makes this work alot better?


              Just thinkin outloud here

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                You need to make sure the SMTP email server you are relaying via will accept messages from the IP address of the IWP server. The way of doing this confirg will depend on your mail server.


                If you do not want to allow relay by IP number (or if you are using an external SMTP server that required authentication before allowing you to send messages via it), you need to conifgure the authentication part of the SMTP email controls in the "Send Mail" Filemaker scripts step (just below the from, reply to, etc details). Sometimes auth SMTP can be a bit tricky as different mail servers will expect different settings for encryption, TCP port, etc. You may want to get a techy involved if you are not familiar with that stuff.



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                  ok, ty for the info Michael.

                  I think its starting to make sense why it works on my station but not on the server.


                  On my station, it recognizes my username on the smtp server, but on the FMS, that server name is not a known entity to the mail server, so maybe thats why it doesnt work well.


                  I tried authenticating, but doesnt fix my problem. i will have a chat with the mail server group now to see if this can be fixed by adding that server name into the outgoing mail server.

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                    Hi again,


                    Micheal if your there, when using that authentification method, do you need to set this up as well on the FMServer???


                    Right now as you know, i can make the SMTP portion of the send email function work, but only when i start it from my desktop.


                    If i try the same button from my IWP web page, nothing works...


                    I know you told me to look into the authentication part of this and i have, but i see that its not enabled on the server and what does genrally get put into the user and password of the authentification section and do both have to match when i findout what goes there (on the server and within the send email function)???



                    Thank you and plz dont hesitate to ask for more info if required

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                      Hi Patpai


                      The FM server would not be involved in any authentication if that is required. Authentication is specfied in the Send Mail script step only. Though the request comes from the FM/IWP server, the server itself does not hold those auth settings.


                      The fact that you can relay from Filemaker on your PC to the SMTP server (anuthenticated) but your FM/IWP server cannot suggests that your PC is allowed to relay by the SMTP server, but the FM server is not.


                      If your FM server and mail server are on the same network then you can configure your mail server to allow the FM server to relay via it, as well. i.e. set the mail server to accept incoming SMTP connections from the FM server. You specify the IP address of the FM server in the relevant "allow relay from" settings of the SMTP server. Exactly how this is configured will vary according to the mail server software you are using. Check with your IT admin.

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                        I just wanted to add that I have successfully sent email (with SMTP) through IWP. Authentication in the script is the key. And user11685 is also correct in that you need to verify that your "Server/Host" will allow FileMaker to send the email through it.



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                          Thank you to both, i think you've confirmed that i really need to chat with the mail server folks to get my FMP IP on there so it can send SMTP from it.


                          Awaiting response from mail server group.


                          thank you.

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                            Hi again,


                            Still waiting on mail server group to get back to me with some decent info, so far they havent seen anything. It even looks like my FMS is already allowed to send via SMTP.


                            One thing i needed to confirm with either of you, its this:

                            On your FMS, do you have to configure the email application (i.e outlook express or outlook) in order to be able to utilize the send email function in FM.


                            Thats one major difference between my machine and the server that i noticed this morning.


                            Thank you again for all your help.

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                              No, IF you use the SMTP in the Send Mail dialog, it is not using the email client (on any machine!) That's the beauty of this wonderful function.


                              If in you FMServer Admin you can see that the Server itself is set up to send mail (to admins, for example, upon error), then it's probably Authenticated. However your admin may NOT want you to use that account to send general email from within the Send Mail [] script step. I've seen a separate email account (training@, info@, fromUs@, etc.) set up just for the purpose of sending email out. It may or may not allow incoming mail, but the account may be monitored if there is a reply for some reason, by setting it to allow incoming.


                              Once again, you have to communicate with your email administrators to verify what can and cannot be done.



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                                It finally started working today.

                                Turns out everything about the SMTP server was fine, it was a problem within the send email function itself.


                                Something to do with using calculations to get an email address.

                                If i choose a field reference for my TO field, it works as long as its not a calculation. So a straight forward text field that stores an email address worked for me...


                                Duno if that ever happened to anyone else... but im putting it out there for the next person who gets stuck where i was stuck.


                                Thanks again for all the help.

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                                  Thanks so much for sharing this I have spent hours trying to resolve and then came across your post which works. All I am wanting to do is get the engineer to be able to send a message saying they have completed a call - now want to see if I can but variables or field contents into the message - now the smtp bit works sure the rest is piece of cake

                                  Many thanks