Using Send email function with IWP

Discussion created by patpai on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2012 by Gingernut

Good day everyone,


I have a little problem that i would like to run by you awesome FMP experts in regards to send email function and IWP.


Ok, so i know that send email function is not compatible with IWP. But right now i have it configured to use SMPT server instead of Email-client.


Now my FMS is version 10.


So when i use the button where my send email function is at via the desktop FMP application, it works great


When i try to use that same button, but from the WEB using IWP, it doesnt give me any errors but it doesnt send the email either.


Is it at all possible to make my button work while in IWP??


I know how to work-around it, but i would love to just be able to press that button of mine and have it send that email.


Any ideas?


Also, please dont hesitate to ask for more info if needed