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    Repeated values in a field


      How do I configure a field to carryover a value into the next record until I change it again? This is for repetitive data entry.

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          On the field (in field definitions), go to Options and Auto-Enter tab.  Select 'Value from last visited record.'  :^)

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            Excellent! thank You


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              There's also the "ditto" keyboard short cut. On Mac it's command+" (double quote). I don't see it in the help, but know it works! If you are in a record and create a new one, you can tab through the fields and:

                   enter data

                   enter from index

                   "ditto" from the last record (same field).


              I find this is helpful for limited copy.


              Also, sometimes a duplicate (record) and just change the fields that need to be different if there are many fields to duplicate.



              Beverly Voth

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                Hi Beverly,


                command+apostrophe or command+footmark or whatever you want to call that mark...


                If it were command+" it would require the shift key as well ;-)


                I know like me you just do it without thinking... and have done for many years...


                The one they changed for me was command+tab or command+shift+tab to go to next and previous records.... they replaced it with the control+ (down or up arrow). I rarely use it any more since it was changed.... I just can't... I tried.


                - Lyndsay