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    Button fill options:


      Is there a way to turn the fill options for a button off? In other words, make the button transparent. I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 for reference sake.

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          I'm guessing you've tried selecting your button and then using Inspector's 'fill' button to set it to transparent and that didn't work?

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            Stephen Huston

            For full transparency, be sure to set the fill pattern to the clear option (next to the solid fill option; may just look white/outline) and then do not again select a color. Choosing a color after sometimes resets it to solid fill.


            Also set the borders to none and be sure that all options for embossed/engraved/drop-shadow/etc are set to none.


            At that point only the text, if any should appear.( I always include at least a space character as text so the object doesn't disappear from the layout it was created as a text block.) You can create these with either the button or text tools.

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              So new to this I did not even check the second box to the coloration setting. I thought it would be more editing options, but no idea that they had that in there.