Error performing find on calculated field

Discussion created by user11685 on Jan 17, 2012
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I have an odd problem with find requests returning different results on different PCs, in fact it looks like just one client has the problem at the moment but that PC runs lots of automated tasks so I need it working reliably. I have a hunch it happened to another user the other day but I cannot be sure. Plus I am really confused by what is causing the problem.


Config on the PC with the problem is

- Win XP SP3

- FMP 11v3


The field I am finding on is a calculated field which is the count of a related set of records. i.e. I am finding on lines on orders. I have stock items related to each order line so I can count how many stock items I need to put on order by taking the required quantity and subtracting the number of related stock items that I have already created. I call this field ngi_ToOrder


When I do a find on this field such that

ngi_ToOrder > 0

I am finding records where ngi_ToOrder = 0

In fact based on find results ngi_ToOrder for these records = 1 !


If I loop through the items in this incorrect found set and omit if

ngi_ToOrder = 0

then that works fine.


The find

ngi_ToOrder > 0

works fine on other PCs for the time being...


Restarting Filemaker and/or the PC makes no difference.


I thought it might be something to do with the file being broken so I did a "Save As Copy" and put it back on the server but this made no difference.


I then did a restart on the FIlemaker Server and this DID fix the problem but only temporarily! It was back to going wrong within a few hours.


I would be grateful for any tips on what to look at next. Many thanks in advance.