Help files...for a solution. Context help.

Discussion created by brynley on Jan 18, 2012
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I want to provide some Help docs for my solution - it makes sense to use FM as the "home" - there are a few things - mainly I would like to include screen shots - so this may mean that each section would need it's own layout?


Sorry if this seems bizarre and OT. I can do this in Word or PDF or even as HTML.


The second thing (if I could do this in FM) is to "link" from the solution I have to the Help file - so if the user clicks "Progress" then it links to the help page regarding Progress stuff in the file. That kind of thing.


I do have a "HelpMaker" file - done in FM - not sure where I got it from - I can't find any credits - it may have been on a Scriptology CD - it seems to work - but I can't now recall how to populate it!


Oh how troubled I am!


Any comments or advice appreciated.