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    Help files...for a solution. Context help.




      I want to provide some Help docs for my solution - it makes sense to use FM as the "home" - there are a few things - mainly I would like to include screen shots - so this may mean that each section would need it's own layout?


      Sorry if this seems bizarre and OT. I can do this in Word or PDF or even as HTML.


      The second thing (if I could do this in FM) is to "link" from the solution I have to the Help file - so if the user clicks "Progress" then it links to the help page regarding Progress stuff in the file. That kind of thing.


      I do have a "HelpMaker" file - done in FM - not sure where I got it from - I can't find any credits - it may have been on a Scriptology CD - it seems to work - but I can't now recall how to populate it!


      Oh how troubled I am!


      Any comments or advice appreciated.



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          I opted for the HTML, show in web viewer (pop-up window, if necessary). And rather than using internet, the files are located in a folder where FileMaker can find them. It allows passing the url based on context (whatever layout you're on).


          Beverly Voth

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            Stephen Huston

            I built some Help systems in FM within solutions by creating a record for each Help entry, complete with fields for Image, bodyText, heading, Order, and title.


            These could be searched or a manual could be printed via a script which found All, sorted them by Heading & Order, and output to Print or PDF.


            Some Value Lists for finding by headings and title made it simple to use without printing.


            Super easy to update by editing or adding records.