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    FM Server 11 on a mini PC ?




      Has anyone installed FM Server onto a mini PC such as a Zotac ?

      (i.e., Zotac ZBOX-ID41-B ZBOX ID41 Mini PC Dual Core ION DDR3)


      This is only for a home development environment and there will only be the single user.


      I'm not interested in Apple's MacMini - it's too expensive and total overkill (in terms of technology) for my requirements.




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      Just to update this query: I bit the bullet and purchased a Zotac Zbox AMD E450 (1.65 GHz, 1333 MHz, DDR3).


      It was £202 from Amazon, and as it is barebones I added the OS (Win7), a 7200rpm 2.5" hard disk and 8Gb RAM.


      It's marketed as a media machine but it's way more than that.


      I use this purely in a development environment but I can't see why it couldn't be deployed in a small business as a more cost effective alternative to the MacMIni, which I know a lot of you use.


      I have FM11ServerAdv, MySQL 5, and Oracle VM VirtualBox installed on Win7 Ultimate.


      Oh, I also have 2 Asus flat-panels (22" and 24") connected via HDMI and DisplayPort.


      The internal graphics card runs my monitors at 1920x1080 and 1680x1050.


      I have had absolutely no problems with PC speed and works fantastically as a workhorse. So much so I haven't turned my XP PC on for weeks.


      I connect easily to my databases remotely and this little wonder hasn't once fallen over.


      As I've bolted it to the back of one of my flat-panels via the supplied VESA plate I can take it on-site for extended periods of development.


      I'm very happy with it and considering getting another as a dedicated FMServer.


      If you're going to get one I would suggest the latest AMD E450, a fast HD (7200rpm) or SSD, and max the RAM.


      It is NOT a games machine.


      If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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          We have tested FileMaker Server is some very humble configurations, and while FileMaker Server 11 will run on almost anything. It is logical to assume that future versions of FileMaker Server will require additional resources. My advise is to use vmWare Player (free) and run a virtual machine on your 'real computer'. FileMaker Pro will see it and a unique machine with a unique IP address and it will have it's own operating system; so it truly a two machine configuration.


          Another appraoch is to use a hosting service like Worldcloud (shameless plug), to host a single file is $12/mth and we don't host with MiniPCs. Even with a MiniPC, you would still take a couple of years before you used your beak-even point, plus our approach required no money up front, and you can quit at any time. If you are interested in testing one of our servers, I can give you a free 30 day trial...







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            Thanks for that Joe.

            You've helped me out with 2 viable alternatives.

            I didn't know about the vmWare aspect, sounds very interesting and I don't mind the 'shameless plug', will have a look at your website.