FM Server 11 on a mini PC ?

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Has anyone installed FM Server onto a mini PC such as a Zotac ?

(i.e., Zotac ZBOX-ID41-B ZBOX ID41 Mini PC Dual Core ION DDR3)


This is only for a home development environment and there will only be the single user.


I'm not interested in Apple's MacMini - it's too expensive and total overkill (in terms of technology) for my requirements.




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Just to update this query: I bit the bullet and purchased a Zotac Zbox AMD E450 (1.65 GHz, 1333 MHz, DDR3).


It was £202 from Amazon, and as it is barebones I added the OS (Win7), a 7200rpm 2.5" hard disk and 8Gb RAM.


It's marketed as a media machine but it's way more than that.


I use this purely in a development environment but I can't see why it couldn't be deployed in a small business as a more cost effective alternative to the MacMIni, which I know a lot of you use.


I have FM11ServerAdv, MySQL 5, and Oracle VM VirtualBox installed on Win7 Ultimate.


Oh, I also have 2 Asus flat-panels (22" and 24") connected via HDMI and DisplayPort.


The internal graphics card runs my monitors at 1920x1080 and 1680x1050.


I have had absolutely no problems with PC speed and works fantastically as a workhorse. So much so I haven't turned my XP PC on for weeks.


I connect easily to my databases remotely and this little wonder hasn't once fallen over.


As I've bolted it to the back of one of my flat-panels via the supplied VESA plate I can take it on-site for extended periods of development.


I'm very happy with it and considering getting another as a dedicated FMServer.


If you're going to get one I would suggest the latest AMD E450, a fast HD (7200rpm) or SSD, and max the RAM.


It is NOT a games machine.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.