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    Weird Email Problem




      I have a script step that uses SMTP email send. The I have a list of poeple in to sned it out to. I have 10 people that recieve this email. However there is one person that doesn't. The field I use has her name in it but it does not show up in the TO: field on the email when I get it.



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          Oreste, are you sending this with BCC: or TO:, and are you sending a copy to yourself (as CC or BCC?)

          Is it a valid email address (can you send it manually from your email client)? Is it perhaps blocked by your SMTP server is someway (blocked or spam, for example)?



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            Hi, I am sending to all members with the TO: and to myself with BCC:  all the members are using the Domain name emails.  I can send them emails using my email client.



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              Hi Oreste,


              I'd suggest you set up a test in FileMaker that sends a test email to just the one person at the address in the relevant field, and see if there is any error reported by FileMaker. It appears that the address, as supplied by FileMaker is being rejected for some reason.


              If that doesn't shed any light, and if the address in FileMaker is valid (doesn't have any rogue, erroneous or extra characters, including leading or trailing ascii or invisibles etc) then you will probably need to look further up the line and trace the message with your ISP or network admin.





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                Thanks, by the way can you send BOLD text in an email?



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                  NO, you cannot send HTML email without a plug-in. BOLD is a "html" setting for email. Sorry.



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                    Another option is AutoSender from myFMButler. It can send HTML mail. But Beverly is right; plain old SMTP mail cannot handle HTML mail.



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                      Ok so it seems that it works if you put it in the CC field



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                        Hello —


                        soooooo . . what's the most simplest basic way of sending receiving mail ?


                        listening to you people forum talk about email for finding the easy road.


                        i am tired of OSx MAIL app. And not knowing what plugin is simple (Dacons has hundreds of

                        code to shift through i'll never use them all ) so i started importing 2000 MAIL  inbox outbox items into

                        my FileMaker text fields. But what if i want those few rare images or links saved ?


                        So i am trying to find someone who has a mail client solution that i could rework. i just want to keep it really

                        really simple for right not cause got too many other things that i am coding.


                        i haven't even tried sending email from script steps yet not even knowning if you can simply

                        click send or if i need to school myself with set up connections lingo. seems i can't go far with it anyway.

                        apparently FileMaker not receives email ? And need a plugin. You'd think FileMaker would be more flowered by

                        now to simply receive / send email but theres no starter solutions for this.


                        anyway— from my

                        S P A C E S

                        to YOUR

                        S P A C E S