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Signature pads for input

Question asked by CanDo! on Jan 19, 2012
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One of my clients wants to integrate actual signatures into his FileMaker solution, but he does not wish to use FMGo on an iOS device.


There is a large range of signature pads out there.

Has anyone used a signature pad that they'd reccommend for use with FileMaker?





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Message was edited by: Lucy Kaplan  Thank you Lyndsay, Audrey, John, and Ron :) You all gave me great responses and insight that I will share with my client. I appreciate your thoughts & links :)  Yep, money is one of the biggest factors in his choice (FMGo was my first suggestion to him)  So, I'll bring your experiences to him & we'll see where it leads...  PS Hope to thank you in person in Miami!