A Question About Time

Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Jan 20, 2012
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Hello all...


I am doing some gyrations with times in Filemaker and just want to clarify a few point before I code myself into a corner.


This script produces different results:


Set Variable [ $$EndTime; Value:Max(schedule_HAUL|Truck00|::StartTime) ]

Set Variable [ $$LocalTime; Value:Schedule::_gzStartTime ]


StartTime is a time field in a related tale.

_gzStartTime is a global time field in the local table. The value is set from a menu with hardcoded "times" in it (for the user experience)


$$EndTime yields "18:00:00"

$$LocalTime yields "6:00 PM"


So I tried this: Set Variable [ $$LocalTime; Value: getastime(Schedule::_gzStartTime) ]


$$LocalTime yields "6:00 PM". I was sort of expecting "18:00:00" or perhaps 64800 (would be ideal).


So I tried this: Set Variable [ $$LocalTime; Value: getasnumber(Schedule::_gzStartTime) ]


$$LocalTime yields "64800". Perfect.


Set Variable [ $$LocalTime; Value: getasnumber("7:00 PM) ] rather predictably yields 700. Which is of little use here.

So, s this the best way to handle time comparisons - boil the time fields down to component seconds?




"Time moves in one direction, memory in another." --- William Gibson