FMS 11, Administrator Groups, and the Command line

Discussion created by worldcloud on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2012 by oditech

I have been told by several 'respected' FileMaker developers that the FileMaker fmsadmin command line can perform any task which is delivered through the Java-based Server Admin Tool. While I use the command line on a near daily basis, and realize that there are several options through the command line which can not be performed in SAT; today I am trying to script the creation of a Administrator Group, assign it to a folder (which we will assume is already created and properly placed), and assign privileges to that group. Certainly, this was a new feature in FileMaker Server 11 but neither the Server 11 PDF nor the fmsadmin HELP COMMANDS reference any commands or parameters to access this information.


If anyone knows a way to edit or retieve this data via the command, or some other means other than SAT, I'm all ears...