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    What is a typical finders fee?


      Are they a flat amount? Are they a percentage of the sales for a set amount of time?

      Is there a standard?



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          Finder's fee? I gave up long ago worrying about it. You get to know the folks in the FM community. We all help each other, we all pass along projects if we cannot do them.


          Karma. It all becomes "even" in the end...


          But if you really want to know, check some of the Platinum/Partner developers who offer finders fees if you pass along projects to them.


          Beverly Voth

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            It wouldn't be for another FileMaker developer. I would also just send it their way if I was not capable of doing it myself.

            There are a number of IT people that take care of some of the companies I've done work for. I would like to help encourage them to send work my way.



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              From my experience, in public practice as an accountant we used a flat amount. Usually a portion of the sign-on fee charged the new client. Just remember when you start a practice like paying for business you can always increase the amount, but decreasing the amount could be distasteful and harm your intent.




              Just my experience




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                As we say in Mexico: "the bigger the frog the bigger the stone..."


                A flat percentage over the total sale is the common practice I guess. I usually pay between 3% and 6%, depending on how hard the finder worked.




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