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Importing XML fails need XSLT?

Question asked by glimmieglimbo on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2012 by glimmieglimbo

Dear people,


I needed to import several XML files. XML file generated with Excel no problems. Now from a company I get XML-files like this attachments (and many more) and I'm really a nobe instead of an newbe with xml and xslt.

So I'm desperate....... and need your help...please.

It's an export from the same database but different records.

1st question: Why doesn't they look the same.....less fields are filled?!?

2nd question: Apparently I need an XSLT file to do this import. Why? XML sould be a standard. I don't get this???

3th question: Is there anyone who can make this XSLT-file or is there an conversion tool to do this?


Please help me out!!


Thanks very, very, very much.......