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    Developer Subscription and FM Server Version "Downgrade"


      Hi, this is my first post here


      I have to develop a new Filemaker 9 Database for my own small Buiseness,


      We use a Filmaker 9 Server and Clients and won't upgrade yet.


      Is is possible to get a FM 9 Server Development License instead of the FM 11 Server after purchasing the Dveloper Subscription?


      Thank You, and best Regards from rainy Hamburg

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          FMI may answer this in more detail, but I think that is highly unlikely. I would have to dig into the small print, but I don't think I would even be allowed to pass my developer version on to someone else outside my company, even though I have no use for v9 anymore.


          Especially FMServer has major improvements when you compare v9 with v11, so you might reconsider and update at least FMServer. It will accept FMP9 clients.

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            Jodel123, The developer license (read the details on this forum) is a limited "developing" license in FileMaker Server Advanced 11. But don't dismiss it for testing your FileMaker 9 solution.


            You might have to be mindful of the feature differences between FM9 and FM11, but otherwise the files can be opened just fine on either server. Remember that the Server for hosting - the license is for server, not for client. You can still use your FileMaker Pro 9 to develop with the databases hosted on FMServer 11, then you are unlikely to create scripts that your other clients can't use.


            I have clients that are on 9, 10, or 11, and I test with FMSA11. You cannot put 11 features in a database (developed with FMPro Advanced 11), host them on FMS9 or FMS10, and expect them to work. There are probably comparison charts showing what new/different between versions, but I don't have a link at the moment. See if these links are helpful:




            And since you already have FMServer9 FMPro9, then you really don't need the FMSA11, but you might like it!


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              Thanks Beverly, thanks psijmons


              I'm sure that i will like FMS11, but in the moment we are happy with the features in FMS9.


              But now i know, that i can test the FM9 Databases with the FMS11.


              Best Regards