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Many to Many Portal - Stumped on this classic problem

Question asked by lkeyes on Jan 22, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2012 by lkeyes

Hi.... I'm stumped on the classic many to many problem. I have two tables --- committes and members, and I want ot have a portal on the Committee layout which shows a list of members.

The portal only needs to display last name and first name (both from the contacts table), as well as the committee office that that the person is fulfilling. Something like:


President John Doe

Vice President Mary Smith

Treasurer Joe Dokes




Since the contacts can serve on multiple committees, I've created a join table that has the follwing fields:






When adding a new record in the portal, I want to be able to use a drop-down list to choose the contact, which will then insert the ContactID into the join table's fkContactID.


So, my question is, when defining the portal fields, which fields do I include? the ones from the Join table? (I don't want the key fields to actually be displayed, even if they are required...)

And how can I do a pick list of LastName + FirstName which will correctly a.) populate the join table, and b.) display the contents of the Last Name and First Name fields?