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    Chart With Multiple X-Axes


      FileMaker Chart doesn't seem to permit multiple X-axes. Is that correct?


      As I understand FileMaker Chart the Y-axes are the value axes and the X-axis is the comparison axis. I have a client who wants me to create one chart that shows values compared to multiple X-axes. An example of this would be a retail chain that wants one bar chart displaying Sales (the Y-axis), grouped by Branch and then grouped by Year. I believe that FileMaker can't do that on one chart. Am I correct?

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          Stephen Huston

          If this chart requires multiple axis for both X and Y then, no, FM doesn't support that in a single chart.


          You can stack transparent charts to achieve something similar, being careful to provide an inf-key for interpreting info rather than relying on  labels, since they may overlap if you let them display.

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            Let's say I have a date field and I want to chart monthly cumulative sales on a line chart compared to a monthly cumulative sales line chart from the previous year. Is that possible on the same chart? So Jan 2010, and Jan 2011 would show up side by side (possibly even overlapped)... followed by Feb, March, etc...


            Assume each record equals one sale... so we can use a summary of a constant field to count the sales.

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              Stephen Huston

              Hi Charley,


              You can do this in a single chart if you have the necessary data in separate fields and a way to relate them to the same point on the chart, such as month number.


              I have done this with Year-to-Date comparisons by stacking the charts for current and past years so the same months line up, but use different color schemes so the lines are clearly different. I also write my own "key" rather than displaying overlapping keys from FM-native charts.