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Getting values from fields to use in script

Question asked by strngr12 on Jan 23, 2012
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This is a little compliacted to explain so I hope it's clear. I have a script that allows you to set a value for "playlist 1" and "playlist 2." Every record in the database can have either, both or none of them. What I need is a calculation that will search the entire database for all the values and output each value only once.


So, for example, if there are five records such that


record 1 = playlist 1

record 2 = playlist 1, playlist 2

record 3 = newplaylist 1, playlist 2

record 4 =

record 5 = playlist 1


I need the output of the calculation to be: playlist 1, playlist 2, newplaylist 1.


Any help, please?