Pdf Open/Save Error with IE 8

Discussion created by kiwikaty on Jan 23, 2012

Hi there


We have had problems with pdfs being opened/saved from IE 8. The individualised pdfs are saved files in a container field and conatin unique barcodes. The site/s are HTTPS.


Users get an error in IE when trying to access the pdf...



Internet Explorer cannot download data.file from....

Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet Site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.


Our web developer managed to solve the issue on our site which uses fx php to custom web publish via the following fix:


"It appears that Internet Explorer gets confused when it sees a Pragma and Cache-Control header together in the same response. And, it has difficulties interpreting these headers properly over HTTPS


Instead of changing IIS manager's header value, I have added following code on php code so that it forcefully unset the pragma header.


header("Pragma: ");


This successfully clears the Pragma header in the page and all works

well. With this tweak, IE7 and 8 correctly handle file downloads."


Thank you Jung!


However I also have another HTTPS site that is using IWP where I also want the users to have access to a personalised pdf that is in a container field which is giving the same error.


My question then is....

Is there anyway to manipulate the IWP header so we can add this piece of html code?


Works fine in Firefox but most of our staff are on pcs on which ITS install IE.


Is there anyway I can apply the same fix to IWP? Filemaker Server is 11.3 Advanced.


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Katy Butterworth