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Question asked by fiddy on Jan 23, 2012
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Hope someone can assist me with the following problem.

I have designed a web site with I web that is used to display pictures of equipment for sale. In this web site I linked a Filemaker data base which shows the equipment as a list where the potential purchased can do finds and sorts to find exact pieces of equipment. The data base is IWP as the user will not have a copy of filemaker. The data base is in my server which is a Mac Mini server with a Static IP address. All of this works great as I can move easily between them except when I try to go from the server back to the web site I get a note which says you need to remove the “Block Pop up on the Browser.” This is a problem as most of the users do not know how to do this. Presently I am using the standard script in Filemaker 11, “Open URL “ Is there any way to go from the Data base , back to the web site without requiring using pop up windows.