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    Web viewer and actions




      I'm trying to create custom diagram, where it would be possible to click on item (in it), ant that would redirect to that item layout (and record).

      I'm thinking of using JavaScript or Flash to buid diagram, but is it possible from within Web viewer to execute commands to FileMaker? I know it can not modify fields, can something be done?



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          The Reactor plugin can accomplish this. See www.fusionplugins.com/reactor.






          Edit: If you're enterprising, you could also program a PHP page to talk to the database and point the web viewer at that. Assuming you're willing to do the extra programming, it's hosted on a server, etc.

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            I would like to do this without plugins..


            Database is not on server, using only FileMaker Pro to connect to DB via network.


            How PHP would help here?

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              PHP will help if you program a web page that does whatever it is you want done in the database, then point your web viewer at it. Are you familiar with the PHP API?




              Edit: On second thought, this might not help if you're wanting to do something other than create / edit / delete records from inside the web viewer. You can execute scripts via the API, but I don't know that it allows you to do much with a FileMaker client that's logged in. You might be stuck if you really don't want to use a plugin.

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                I'm familliar with PHP, but not good at it. Because DB interface is done using layouts, I do not want to redo everything in web viewer page. The only functions I need from vew viewer is showing data, and beeing able to redirect to FileMaker layout - information about item in diagram.

                This also could be done using list view in FileMaker, where every item has it web viewer (with html and javascript I think), then redirection could be made by layout objects. But with 100+ wouldn't that be memory and computation extensive?


                Diagram is in horizontal lines, showing warious data from table fields. Using one web view VS list view would be advantage in computation and also in flexibility

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                  I know you've said you're trying to avoid plugins, but the 'Monkey Bread' plugin can call FileMaker scripts from a web viewer.  (Apparently, I haven't actually used it, but keep meaning to try it out...)



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                    Lietus -


                    It looks like, from your comment, that you're doing a list view / detail arrangement. Maybe I'm missing something. What are you getting from a web viewer that you can't get from the FileMaker interface directly? That might help us figure out how best to solve your problem.



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                      Something like GANNT diagram, +labeled information. Diagram shows records and their distribution across 0.5 - 1 year span. http://coresolutions.ca/how-to-gantt-charts-filemaker#codesyntax_4 would be fine, but it is static (i think), and little information shared in the article. Furthermore, I am new to FileMaker (and not HTML and JavaScript). Plugins require licenses, and they cost, and project not so big to allow that.

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                        No, it's definitely not static. You can manipulate the fields used for the Y axis to get whatever time span you need, and the horizontal bars are achievable in several different ways, from "old school" calculated fields with pipe characters (|) to calculated container fields to conditional formatting.


                        Allow me to suggest you do this entirely within FileMaker. It will make it far easier to switch back and forth, especially if you're trying to avoid plugins. You can use a global repeating field as your Y axis for your date span, then calculate how the bar should be colored based on whether it falls within the desired date range. Trying to get the web viewer to talk back to FileMaker without a plugin isn't possible, as far as I know (someone else may know better).





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                          Well, i managed to start making Javascript based version, however, load lag is visible, as FileMaker loads ~ 20 WebViewer objects in one list layout.


                          The FileMaker - only gannt chart is quite mistic for me.. Can this version be scaled ? (Time - view of 0.5 year, or 1month?) Does every day in that scale must have yeach Field and Conditional Formatting?

                          Structure of this layout is quite difficult to understand seeing just image of layout

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                            Yes, the FM-only version can be scaled. You script it; you set the end points at the beginning and end of the time range you want, then you have a number of increments in between, each one of which has a value equal to the total time divided by the number of increments.


                            Example: Say you have 30 repetitions in your global field. If you're doing a 30-day window, then each repetition is 1 day. On the other hand, if you're doing 6 months, then each repetition has a value of approximately 6 days. Regardless, the calculation is pretty basic: ( End Date - Start Date ) / number of repetitions (rounded as necessary)


                            Then, when you go to each record, you can either use direct calculations or set the contents of the bar via script to change based on whether they fall within the given increment. But it's all done in automation in any case.


                            So, for example, say you are using a 6-month window starting on January 1. You would set fields on that record to the start and end dates (Jan 1 and June 30). Then, you might have a calculated field with 30 repetitions in it that would calculate out in 6-day increments: Jan 1 - Jan 6, Jan 7 - Jan 12, and so forth. If the activity you're monitoring falls within the window associated with a given repetition, then you turn the field the appropriate color.


                            For performance purposes, you probably want to start off by doing a Replace Field Contents step to set the start and end dates on the found set of records rather than relying on globals. That way, all the calculations can be stored and it'll display much faster.


                            Hope that makes sense.



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                              I think Mike is right... You can do what is required in FIleMaker... as per the example. And the whole thing can become interactive very simply.

                              The scales and times are entirely up to you. The view for any period could be displayed. And there is no graphic or web viewer loading... it's all just calculation.


                              If you had FM Server you could do it with PHP and web viewers.


                              I think you can use ODBC with FM Pro so you might be able to rig up a Ghant chart that works with Excel..


                              If you weren't so set against a plugin... Fusion Reactor was used to create a custom version of what you require. It might just be up your alley if you are really hot a javascript. They have a trial download with some really good examples of this kind of thing in action. Their system allows drag n drop and dragging on the ends of the bars to extend... and as a result update the values in FileMaker.


                              My second suggestion about plugins is that maybe you have the skill to make your own...


                              After all that, though, FileMaker can do it more simply (for most of us).


                              - Lyndsay


                              PS Kantala I've never looked at 'Monkey Bread'...

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                                Mike_Mitchell wrote:


                                For performance purposes, you probably want to start off by doing a Replace Field Contents step to set the start and end dates on the found set of records rather than relying on globals.


                                That's something worth thinking twice about.

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                                  And your reasons for objecting would be ... ?

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                                    Let's see:


                                    1. Suppose one user wants to view a range of 1 month, while another needs to see a range of 6 months.

                                    2. If you have fields tracking last modified on/by, they become useless.


                                    Those would be the disadvantages. Now, what exactly is the advantage? If you replace the dates in all found records, then all (stored) calculations referencing the date range need to recalculate. OTOH, if you modify the global dates, then all  (unstored) calculations referencing the date range will recalculate. Why would one be faster than the other?

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