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    Calculating values for a repeating field


      I know many developers steer clear of using repeating fields but they come in handy when making multi key relationships.


      I would like to make a repeating text field that auto populates emails.


      customer table has 3 emails, Email1, Email2, Email3


      I would like the repeating calc to simply place Email1 in repetition1, Email2 in repetion2, Email3 in repeition3


      I use this to make a relationship to an Email Management system where we store our bad emails./opt out emails, etc..


      This single relationship would be far more efficient in evaluating emails in the Customer table.


      Can anyone show me an example of how this calc may be written?




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          Actually, you don't need a repeating field for this - just make your calculation fied =


          List ( Email1 ; Email2 ; Email3 )


          and set the result type to Text.



          Note that having "numbered" fields of the same type is bad practice; you should use a separate table of e-mails where a customer may have any number of related records.

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            Thank you.  I was not aware the relationships would validate true from list of values.  I've been using FM since version 2 (Claris) I've learned something new. (I guess I should finally consider taking a certification course)  Not sure how I missed that but thank you.  This makes my use of repeating fields even less relevant now.


            I appreciate the comment regarding normalizing the email data by storing them in related fields instead. We're not there yet.  The system is a converted Goldmine 6.5 SQL database.. I'm working on it.


            Thanks again for your assistance.