Storing Values in Related Tables

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Yet another Newbie question. I have taken over a project from someone who left the company a year ago and everything has been going fine until now. So I'm still learning FM Pro.


Our company takes on projects in various places around North America. When an Employee is put on a new job in a new city we need to change his location.


Currently when you click on an Employee Layout Form View, there is a drop-down box which allows you to change the location. In the drop-down box is the Work Location ID and the Work Location Name. After clicking on the new location the box changes to the new code and beside it in another field the name of the city as in:


WorkID0001 Vancouver


My new boss doesn't like this. He doesn't like the Work ID showing up on the form. He wants just to click on a drop-down box and have only the name of the city show up.


The Work table primary key is linked to the Employee table foreign key using:


Work:pk_WorkID - Emp:pf_WorkID


How do I get the Work location Name to show up only in the Drop-down box and still have the primary key from the Work table automatically entered in to the Employee table?


I told you it is a "Newbie" question.