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Discussion created by Mike Duncan on Jan 24, 2012
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Have you ever wanted a standard navigation tool when developing a FileMaker solution? There have been dozens out there for years, using plenty of different methods to achieve something that sounds simple. Most come with large manuals that you need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out in order to get results, and then live with a lot of caveats and trade offs.


This is an solution for presenting users with a standard way to navigate the solution in a way that saves you, the developer, time and resources. You just put your layouts in the correct order, name them correctly and run one script... NO internal data. It's all done with a web veiwer and some pre-defined buttons.


And we are making it available for FREE!


New layout to include? Name it... set it in order where you need it to show, paste the grouped object on the layout and you're done. The next time you open the file, it will be automatically included. There's only one script that runs when the file opens.


Our Navigation Framework for FileMaker Pro is a solutions that automatically builds an elegant but functional navigation bar for your solution. Along with other features to speed development and lower total costs when developing and maintaining a solution, this allows you to save your development time for the Real Work!


You can get it for free at:




It has a minimalist look that is easy to incorporate in into other designs to match the style of an existing solution or as part of a new design. The sample file includes a couple different sample looks as to how this might be used.


This is the closest thing to a "layout-within-a-layout" that you can get with this sort of funcionality.


Features include:


* Based on your Layout Names and Order.

* No plug-ins required.

* Completely Cross-Platform.

* No custom functions needed.

* No data structure (tables, fields or layouts) needed.

* Updates dynamically when the file is opened.

* Safe in Multi Window solutions.

* Updates from native layout menu as well.

* Retains last visited Sub-Section.

* Works in Browse and Find Mode.

* 8 X 8 "tabs" for a total of 64 possible layouts to navigate to.


There is only one script to add to your startup script (one that runs when the file is opened) and you can copy/paste the navigation grouping at the top of each layout to display the navigation. It doesn't matter how you navigate to a layout, relevant location is detected and displayed automatically without the need for scripting.


This is the first of several solutions that we are planning on bringing to the FileMaker community. Look for more soon! Thanks!



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