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    Best way to use a fully mutli-language solution




      i am looking for the best way to translate my Equipment Price List solution currently having 4200 records. To let the users from IWP to choose between 2 languages. Idealy i would like to translate not only the labels but the records content as well without breaking the relationship so that if i change a price of an equipment i dont want to change it at 2 different places.


      Anyone have any tips on how to proceed or have some documentation about it?





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          royalempire wrote:

          Anyone have any tips on how to proceed or have some documentation about it?


          Hi Martin,


          Although it's not specifically designed for use with IWP, you'll likely find some of the ideas in the demo at the following link useful, and the general approach can be adapted to work with IWP fairly readily:




          The techniques in the demo relate to translation of the interface - layout labels etc.


          To deal with "in-place" translation of data you are likely going to want to provide display fields (calculations that translate known terms using an array of language equivalents) and separate data entry fields stacked behind them, so that the original entry is stored but can be displayed in the user's selected language. When a user enters data, the record will need to store the originating user's language so that the display field calculations can then use it to tabulate the translation when a user with a different language selection views those record(s).


          How far it makes sense to go in handling this will depend on the functionality you need to provide as well as the complexity (vs predictability) of the data. But hopefully the above gives you some initial ideas to work with.





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