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Correct syntax for sLocalFile field in Mooplug_FTPUpload?

Question asked by RossPedder on Jan 24, 2012

I have tried contacting Adam Dempsey via the Mooplug website and via his email address directly, but have got the response "Mail delivery failed. Mailbox full"


I have an urgent need to solve this problem.


Every time I try to run the Moo_FTPUpload script I get "Err_9" (Invalid source file input)


I have a folder on my desktop called Mobilize Upload and a file in this folder called HVCCDataExport.


I have tried the following:


1 file:MobilizeUpload/HVCCExportData.csv

2 filewin:/c:/Documents and Settings/Ross/Desktop/MobilizeUpload/HVCCDataExport.CSV

3 c:Documents and SettingsRossDesktopMobilizeUploadHVCCDataExport.CSV


Nothing works - can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?



Ross Pedder