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    MySQL Data Validation Issue - Required Value - changes not propagated?




      Any comments on this would be much appreciated.


      I have a long standing link with a MySQL table on a website. This used to work perfectly (a year ago) but now has a problem even though it would appear that nothing has changed.


      Here's the issue:

      -Certain fields in the MySQL table are required (can be seen in Define Databases). This validation is stopping a script I have from running properly.

      -The web developer involved says he has removed this validation and that "null" values are now acceptable.

      -But nothing has changed in Define Databases and the error persists.


      So it would appear that the changes to the MySQL table have not "propagated" out to FileMaker.


      We have:

      -double checked we are connected to the correct databases.

      -Rebooted the FileMaker Server machine.

      -Rebooted the webs server.


      Any suggestions? THANKS.





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