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      Anyway to use a Bento design without having Bento?

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          pkennedy wrote:

          Anyway to use a Bento design without having Bento?


          Hi pkennedy,


          Your question isn't very specific about what aspects of a Bento design you're interested in using (functional design, data design, visual design etc...). However, unfortunately, the answer is mostly going to be no, except insofar as you can recreate some of what you see in another application such as FileMaker Pro.


          The only (rather limited) exception I'm aware of is that you can import data into FileMaker from Bento one table at a time, in a way that results in the creation of a corresponding table (with comparable field definitions) in FileMaker. By bringing across all of the tables, you would have captured much of the data structure (along with the data), but you'd still need to set up the relationships, create appropriate layouts and so on, to get close to the functionality of the Bento database.


          Not what you were hoping to hear, I'm afraid.





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