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    Limit # of records loaded into portal


      I have a contact layout with a portal listing all orders ever placed by the contact. There are thousands of contacts making a few orders each. But there are a couple of contacts that have a long history resulting in many orders. For them loading the contact page is slow over a remote connection. How could I make it so that the portal shows 10 (or whatever prescribed number) orders at a time, starting with the most recent, and then lets me page through them 10 at a time?




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          One Method:


               Build a new relationship to the orders where you use two global fields and the contact ID field to match a range of records.  You will need to create a field within the orders that gives each record a unique serial number that can be matched to the global fields. 




          Contact - Add 2 global fields to store the range to match the portal.  - zg.filterOrdersStart & zg.filterOrdersEnd

          Orders - Add field that numbers each individual record for the a Contact (1 .. n) - contactOrderNumber


          Build a relationship to Contact and Orders using both ContactID and contactOrderNumber:


             contactID = contactID

             zg.filterOrdersStart => contactOrderNumber

             zg.filterOrdersEnd <= contactOrderNumber


          Then populate the two zg.filterOrder*** fields and see that you only have the limited number of records.  Then add buttons to move forward and back which increments or decrements the two global fields by 10.


          Good Luck,